Fencing For Beginners, Your First Competition

As another fencer, your first fencing rivalry can be somewhat overpowering. It is dependably a colony of action. Different fencers will help however are regularly exceptionally occupied with getting themselves arranged. A smidgen of pre-information about where to go and what to tune in for will go far toward making your first fencing rivalry a win.

Being anxious is typical for a first time contender. Getting yourself somebody who has encounter contending will be extremely useful. They can bring up what to do, and where you have to answer to. The issue as communicated some time recently, is that the accomplished fencers are ordinarily very bustling themselves.

At the point when SHOULD I ARRIVE?

Ensure that you appear ahead of schedule for the opposition. There is regularly a timetable that is posted on your fencing association’s site or now and then at your fencing club. The circumstances recorded on the calendar are when enlistment closes. You ought to appear at any rate thirty minutes before the recorded time with the goal that you have a significant measure of planning accessible to you. Typically the fencing occasion will begin about a 30 minutes after enlistment closes for that occasion however this can be a moving target in view of the opposition and its hosts.


When you get to the scene, the principal thing that you ought to do is go to enrollment. The title “enlistment” can befuddle, as the first occasion when I was advised to go to enrollment, I expressed that I had officially enrolled and paid for the opposition. I discovered later that enrollment is truly only a registration station. The orderlies will have the capacity to help you with the procedure. Contingent upon your ward, you may require some type of recognizable proof to sign in.


Next discover a place to put your fencing sack so it is effectively open and conspicuous as there will probably be numerous others with comparative packs to yours. They’ll be arbitrarily put (tossed) in a completely muddled and rancid composition of fencing packs and gear. Consider appending some type of informal ID or strip to your sack for simplicity of acknowledgment. Marking your gear is likewise suggested.

Presently, take your veil to the arsenal. You may likewise need to get your wires and lames checked. Watching others in the ordnance line ought to give you an indication concerning what must be checked. When you are there, the armorer will test your veil in an assortment of ways. On the off chance that it passes you will get a stamp on the veil’s napkin that will be appeared to your judge when you are called to fence.